I am so glad you have found your way here + somehow feel connected to my work. What an honor! Whatever the occasion may be, I would love to get to know both you + your vision for you big day/shoot. In order to truly document your story uniquely to you, I need to know YOU! Your quirks, passions, personalities. I've placed a few questions that will help me in capturing the raw moments that ultimately reflect your story.

Let's get this party started!

boyfriend, girlfriend, fiancé, spouse (if applicable!)

I would love to see those faces behind the emails! If you do not have social media, please feel free to send a photo of you two!

How did you + your person meet? How did he propose? Do you have little ones? Fur babies? Where are you from? What is something you love doing together? I want to hear it all! This is sooo fun for me!

Example: earth tones, lots of color, modern, timeless, adventurous, etc!

If you've chosen from a friend, I would love to know who!

I simply cannot wait to chat more & get to know you better!